At the risk of competing with the weather Channel I am compelled to observe that after pretty nasty rainy day yesterday and on into the night it’s clear and we have partial sunshine.

I really don’t have any deep comment regarding that this I just felt I should acknowledge it lest someone believes it only had negative things to say.

There was a time where assuming that I had only negative things to say would have been quite accurate however as I have learned a new and better way of life I have also learned to overcome my natural tendency towards negativity.

I wrote an article recently, it was published but I was gently chided in that I emphasized prayer, meditation, reading the Bible, (the Big, Big book) as well as the Big Book and other AA literature. Glaringly absent was any mention of calling your sponsor or talking things over with your sponsor.

In this matter I’m going to have to punt. I must tell you,  “do as I say not do as I do.” I don’t call my sponsor nearly as often as I should. By which I mean I almost never call my sponsor.

now that it has been pointed out to me I have a choice to either do something about it or yield to what I think is quite obviously a character defect.

So I’ve gotten another sponsor, there was nothing wrong with the sponsor I had except he specializes in helping newcomers, after about a year he’s rated to cut the apron strings and send you on your way.

I’m interested in seeing how my new sponsor and I hit it off, I’m interested in seeing how good a sponsor he is and I’m interested in seeing how good a sponsee I am.

All in all this is something I have needed to do for a long time but since I didn’t God let me paint myself into a corner. Thanks God! I needed that!

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