My mother was an alcoholic and got sober through attending AA meetings.

AS I got older I too struggled with alcohol after my mothers death.

When I finally hit bottom, I went where Mom went to get-and-stay sober, AA!

I’m 61, a little over three years sober through AA.

I’ve finally had my spiritual awakening, and much to my surprise, I’ve found my spiritual center in Jesus Christ, a Saviour I’ve never really known until now.

I’m currently finding some contrasts between my Christianity and some of AA’s teachings, not yet to the point of abandoning AA.

I am finding that participating in church activities sometimes leaves me much more spiritually centered than AA meetings. A few of my AA friends seemed threatened by this, so I’ve decided it’s best for now not to discuss it with them.

I suppose I’m just a bit confused right now. I’m not sure how AA can really coexist with my Christian faith. I want to be a witness for Christ, but I feel it’s not in keeping with AA’s traditions.

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  2. Laurence S. says:

    “Awoken by an Angel is a story about one man’s struggle back into the light. Crippled by chronic alcoholism (and drug addiction), where he would get his daily fix of mentholated spirits and coca cola to soothe both his physical and psychological addiction. The story will make you cry, frustrate the hell out of you and it will give you hope that there is a higher power out there.

    This is no self-help book. There is no happy endings. It is real and it is grit, warts and all. Very rarely will you see this type of brute honesty in a book. Laurence lays it all on the line to tell his story. A real page turner. Laurence’s story is inspired by the Bible, Jesus Christ, Salvation Army and one very special angel. Without whom he would probably be dead.

    As featured on ABC radio, this is a must read for those who have suffered or are currently suffering from addiction or for those who are interested in addiction and want to know how the other half live their lives.”

  3. Patty B says:

    I was looking around for some answers. This blog caught my eyes. I am a devout Christian, God is to be first. anything else, becomes your god. A car, career, money, alcohol, drugs…. I wrestle with my husband proclaiming Christianity, and yet will get drunk at every chance he gets, and will lie or manipulate so he can get drunk.

    My husband and I are Christians, both about 60 years old, we been together since 1975. He has had battles over the years with alcoholism. The past 15 years has went from bad to worse, to unbearable! Right now he is in jail without bond for breaking probation with DUI. He actually drove himself to the probation officer while drunk!
    I try to say something about his drinking and how it is destroying him, and our marriage, and me. He tells me I am judgmental. Also, I am to forgive him, if I am to be a good Christian. His counselor told my husband that he does not see remorse. My husband’s reply was Christ forgave him, so why does he have to have remorse, he is forgiven. He constantly lies. He fell down the basement stairs and knocked him out. I called 911, and he got checked out. His blood alcohol per lab test was 339. It was probably higher when he couldn’t walk around the hour before. He denied drinking, right to the doctor and nurses face!

    He does go to AA. They believe in a ‘higher power’ but as my husband explains it, ‘they can pray to ‘howard’ if that is who thy choose! I do not understand how anyone can be FREED in such a program that has this way of thinking. Either its mind over matter philosophy, or false gods. Both is mental strain or false hope. The same faces you see night after night in meetings from one building, church, or town. It’s like a click. They all know each other very well. Ex’s, spouses, children…. and they know who is drinking again, or in jail again. My husband now says, ‘this is our life’ Ether I sit at home night after night alone, or go with, to make friends together. When I don’t go with him, he get drunk on the way home, or pretended he went to AA and gets drunk. But there is no real freedom from alcohol. Each day I wake up, and it’s all about the alcohol. The games begin, he is a really good game player.

    I pray to God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob…. and His son Jesus, my savior. I am so worn out from the battle with his addiction. I am so tired of this battle. Any suggestions? Helpful insight to share? I do not see any end to this…..

  4. Myke says:

    Many in AA do have that “Higher Power” can be a door known or light bulb or stupid stuff like that. This started out being the princ9ple that you could pray to “God as You understand him.” Not someone else’s definition of God or how you should pray to God.
    Check the posts by Dick B. & check Dick B. on Google & Facebook. He explains that the original AA was in fact Christian & explains how it came to be nonsectarian. You will find these things interesting & helpful.
    That’s the easy part. Now for the hard stuff. You can do little about, with or for your Husband’s problem because it is exactly that. Your Husband’s Problem. It is Not your problem believe it or not. It Causes you problems. But it is not Your problem anymore than if he had Cancer or Diabetes. These to would Cause you problems but they would not be Your problem.
    The best advice I can give is go to Al Anon. They can help you deal with you & what your problems are & what you can & can’t do. As hard & harsh as it sounds…Run for your life. Go To Al Anon. I’ve been on both side of this equation. Alcoholics don’t have relationships. Alcoholics take hostages. Had I gone to Al Anon I may have helped my Second wife instead of eventually being compelled by her actions to Divorce her. At least I didn’t return to Drinking & Drugging over her behavior. I did get very Emotionally & Spiritually ill which in fact led to a serious Physical illness. That much I could have avoided I know.
    You are responsible for you & your own health, Spiritual, Emotional & Physical. So, Go To Al Anon.
    Notice I did not say “Get a divorce.” You can Run for your life without physically leaving him. Other women that have been through this can tell you how. You will meet them at Al Anon. These ladies can help you Emotionally, Mentally & Practically get thru this. You do him no favor by allowing him to dictate your life. You do, in my opinion, Sin against yourself when you accept treatment from your husband that is outside the Scriptural description of marriage.
    I can’t stress this enough. Get help and counsel from Women that Has Been Through This Same Thing. You will meet some when you Go To Al Anon.
    I don’t care how Christian & well intentioned & wise & Spiritual the counselors you have gone to unless they have experienced this themselves they basically Do Not Have A Clue. The best you could hope for is one that realizes they don’t have a clue. There Is Hope For You Apart from Him. If you don’t find it you have chosen to drown with him.

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